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These special Yoga Sport Towels are made with Aquitex® microfiber, used for the Aquis Adventure Microfiber Towel. They have a unique hydrophilic capillary action that draws water faster, more thoroughly and gently from hair and skin in contrast to ordinary towels.

Because it has been woven from ultra-fine microfibers, Aquitex® has much more surface area for absorption and evaporation, which greatly increases its drying capabilities. This same technology also allows our towels to dry quickly between uses, keeping them fresher longer.

Practicing hot yoga or Bikram yoga? No sweat, you’ve met your match! Keep this 10×14 sport towel close at hand, or clip it to your pants. These super absorbent, microfiber towels wick away moisture and dry in half the time of a cotton towel, even after a hot yoga session.

Microfiber Features:
* Ultra Absorbent
* Lightweight and Compact
* Gentle on Skin and Hair
* Extremely Durable
* Quick-Drying

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